No. of Sightings: 4,611,356
Avg sightings/day: 917
Known loco no.s: 9,120
Loco Photos: 115,023

Frequently Asked Questions

Why this site?

To allow spotters to interact with each other, and to make it easier to track down the whereabouts and movements of stock.

How can I track movements of stock?

By placing an alert on the stock item you are interested in, you will receive a message each time another member sights it. For each stock item, all sightings by members are listed against it, so from this you can build up a history of the stock sightings.

I have a dialup internet account. I don't want to have to be online to type in all my sightings. Is there an alternative?

Yes. While offline type all your sightings into a text file using notepad (for example), one sighting per line. Then logon to this site, create (or find an old) session, and use the 'upload sightings' link to upload the text file contents directly into the session.

Why are some of my sightings in red?

Red numbers indicate that no record of that stock item is in the database. Once details are known, the red will be replaced by the regular font, and the number will become clickable - to link to other sightings.

Whats the idea behind the League Tables?

These are just a bit of fun. They show the item of stock that you have sighted the most; and also the items most sighted by all members.

Can my group of friends have a 'private' league table just for us?

Yes. From the league table menu click on 'Group League Tables' and create a new group. Pass the name of the group to your friends and ask them to join this group. You will then have a private League Table exclusively to you and your friends, based on the same data as the main leagues.

How can I find out the best places to go for sightings?

Have a look at the 'Location Reviews'. Members post reviews of the places they've been to which lets you know where to visit, where to get the best views, where to eat, etc.

Can I have an email address of

Yes. Full members have the choice of either or (standard gauge 4 feet 8.5 inches). The email is automatically sent to your usual address (ie,

What server does LocoScene use? Is it a shared ISP type of thing?

LocoScene is a serious site and as such has its own dedicated server. This is currently a Pentium4 4ghz, 2,048mb ram, 160gb raid-1 disk space in an ISP's rack.

Will you be here today, gone tomorrow like so many other locomotive databases?

I really hope not. As long as the site is being used there should be no reason for closing it.

Is there a charge?

Light users will not have to pay. For the rest (full members), a small annual charge of 12 is all that is asked for. This helps towards the cost of the dedicated server on which LocoScene runs. You can upgrade by clicking here. (A light user has less than 300 sightings, or 20 photographs uploaded)

I've got some great pics - would you like to use them?

Yes please. I am always looking for new pictures to place on the site. Please email them to and I'll see if I can use them.