7th July 2022
Owner: David Kennedy
Date: 20 Jun 2022 09:00
Duration: On and Off
Location: Newport / East Usk A D J..(Steve).( BRO -INFO)

Last 3 days in S.Wales.latest on 66186.
Staff at ADJ,say that 66186 is to be moved to Newport Docks and put on a Low Loader to Toton by road.
No Date fixed.( It is now around 4 months since the Loco failed with Brake problems.
66100 l think is still dumped at Didcot.
DB have Locos dumped all over the place,including the 66 at Scunthorpe that is only capable of shunting .
GBRF are moving into S Wales taking workings off DB to fill the gap.
Colas also are picking up more work.