1st August 2021
Owner: D380
Date: 19 Mar 2018 09:00
Duration: :3 hours
Location: National Railway Museum

Main event was a “Look behind the scenes” tour with stuff that is very rarely seen by most. Also around all the halls and a few things outside, and a few quite hidden...you need to look behind things in weird places. 60007 close up in bits.

Diesel Loco
Preserved Diesel Loco
Electric Loco
Preserved Steam Loco
Not Recognised
5669 coach
7050 LMS
799 coach
E43046 coa
GWR No. 4
No. 3
No.2 coach
Stirling 1
s 245 LSWR
s 673 mid
s Fairley
s1247 GNR
s214 SCR
s6474 LSWR
s82 Boxhil
sBauxite 2
sNo. 1275
sNo. 66
sNo. 737